Our Generous Donors and Supporters

Even though Saola is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world, and the conservation flagship for a global biodiversity hotspot (Annamite Mountains), cultivating support for Saola conservation can be challenging, since the species is not well known. Consequently, we are particularly grateful to our enlightened donors for their support.

Institutional donors/partners in 2015

» American Association of Zoo Keepers – Southern Ontario Chapter

» Association Beauval Nature

» Association of Zoos and Aquariums – Ungulate Taxonomic Advisory Group

» Brevard Zoo

» Copenhagen Zoo

» Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

» Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

» Friends of Zoo Boise

» Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

» Henry Vilas Zoo

» Houston Zoo

» Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon Society

» John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

» Leipzig Zoo

» The Maue Kay Foundation

» Minnesota Zoo

» Prague Zoo

» Save Our Species

» Synchronicity Earth

» Wildlife Conservation Network

» Wildlife Reserves Singapore

» Wroclaw Zoo

» Zoological Society of East Anglia

» Zoological Society of London

Donors of talent and energy

» Nguyen Manh Hiep, of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, gave strong support and assistance in many ways for application of the One Plan approach to conservation of Saola in Vietnam.

» David Field, Zoological Director of the Zoological Society of London, continued his efforts on the SWG’s behalf to garner international financial support for Saola conservation.

» Van Ngoc Thinh generously made available the office of the WWF Vietnam Programme, and the assistance of his WWF staff , for the SWG’s 4th meeting, in Hanoi in November.

» Huong Long Viet continued to do an excellent job leading and coordinating the WWF forest guard teams in the Hue and Quang Nam Saola Nature Reserves.

» Tuan Bendixen, Vietnam Director for Animals Asia, has been a key and generous advisor and ally for our work in Vietnam.

» William deBuys, author of The Last Unicorn, not only wrote and published the book, he donated copies of the work and his time in various ways to support conservation of its subject matter.

» Ann-Marie Holmes ably and patiently kept the Saola Update newsletters coming.

» Julia Hanuliakova, CEO of Zoo Design, Inc., generously donated architectural designs for a Saola conservation breeding center.

» Dominique le Roux of Moonshine Media gave spectacular, prompt, skilled and free help with the redesign of our website.

» Will Duckworth was, again, helpful and encouraging across many fronts.

» Anita Bousa, as she has for years now, continued to assist the SWG in several ways in Laos.

» Troy Hansel was a key advocate in steering conservation resources to a priority Saola area in central Laos.

» George Allez adroitly edited and designed last year’s annual report.

» Eric Losh once again contributed his creativity, time and talent to produce the SWG’s gorgeous holiday card and his many beautiful illustrations on this website.

Individual donors in 2015 (in addition to several anonymous contributors)

» Matt Ardaiolo

» Lisa Baffi

» Ryan Bailey

» Ann Beutel

» Samantha Bradshaw

» Eleanor Briggs

» Lesley Brown

» Steven and Karin Chase

» Madeleine & Jerry Cohen

» Lesley Dickie

» Cheryl Feng

» Dr. Elias Sandalla Filho

» Marriah Fisher

» Taieen Gasti

» Steven & Florence Goldby

» Dr. Holly Haefele

» Adrienne Haberl

» Troy Hansel

» Andrew Holman

» Terry Hornsey

» Brent Huff man

» Caroline Hultberg & Dean Holmes

» Charlie Hyde

» Kenji Ishiwada

» K. Karnos

» Patric & Bo Kearns

» Louis J. Maher

» Gloria & Kent Marshall

» Carolyn Makovi

» Margaret McCarthy & Bob Worth

» Karla Michelson

» Ariel Neill

» Howard Olson

» Bill Odle

» Jeannie Parker

» Andrew Peterson

» Torrey Pillsbury

» Matthew Reetz

» Bill Robichaud

» Harald Rosch

» Shelley Sanderman

» Christina Seely

» Linda Tabor-Beck

» Lee & Marty Talbot

» Susan Tall

» Pat Thomas

» C. Michele Thompson

» Erica von Studnitz

» Clayton Williams

» Douglas Yu