Our Generous Donors and Supporters

Even though Saola is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world, and the conservation flagship for a global biodiversity hotspot (Annamite Mountains), cultivating support for Saola conservation can be challenging, since the species is not well known. Consequently, we are particularly grateful to our enlightened donors for their support.

Institutional donors/partners in 2016

» American Association of Zoo Keepers – Toronto Zoo

» American Association of Zoo Keepers – Greater Kansas City

» Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

» Beauval Nature

» Denver Zoo Explorer Post

» Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

» Fota Wildlife Park (Ireland)

» Friends of Zoo Boise

» Givskud Zoo (Denmark)

» Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

» Henry Vilas Zoo

» Houston Zoo

» Icon Films Ltd

» International Hoofstock Awareness Association

» Jacksonville Zoological Society

» Leipzig Zoo

» MacArthur Foundation

» The Maue Kay Foundation

» Prague Zoo

» Waltermire Family Charitable Fund

» Wildlife Conservation Network

» Wroclaw Zoo

» Zoo Zlin

» Zoological Society of East Anglia

» Zoological Society of London

» Zoological Society of San Diego

Donors of talent and energy

The following individuals generously gave, in various ways, their talents, time and energy to the SWG in 2016:

» James Burton, Chair of our home institution, the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), guided us with an always supportive and encouraging hand.

» Tuan Bendixen, Vietnam Director for Animals Asia, has been a key advisor and ally for our work in Vietnam.

 » Jake Brunner, Programme Coordinator of IUCN Vietnam, was always generously available with his time and insights, and made the IUCN office in Hanoi available for meetings.

» David Field, Zoological Director of the Zoological Society of London, continued his efforts on the SWG’s behalf to garner international financial support for Saola conservation.

» Julia Hanuliakova, CEO of Zoo Design, Inc., donated revised architectural designs for a Saola conservation breeding center.

» Ann-Marie Holmes ably and patiently managed the “Saola Update” newsletter.

» Eric Losh once again contributed his talents and inspiration to produce the SWG’s gorgeous holiday card.

» Nguyen Manh Hiep, of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has given strong support and assistance in many ways for application of the One Plan approach to conservation of Saola in Vietnam.

» New Chair of the IUCN SSC, Jon Paul Rodriguez, jumped in quickly, meeting on our behalf of the SWG with government officials in Vietnam within a couple of months of his new appointment.

» Dominique le Roux, owner of Moonshine Media, Inc., gave us prompt and astutely creative assistance with our website.

» National Geographic photographers Joel Sartore and Robin Moore generously donated photographs to raise funds for Saola conservation in 2016.

» Christine Seely, Jordan Schimming and Stacey Paisner of the International Hoofstock Awareness Association enthusiastically lent their time and talents to raise support for Saola conservation and the work of the SWG.

» Outgoing Chair if the IUCN Species Survival Commission, Simon Stuart, continued to amaze us with the way it seemed as if he had nothing else to do amongst his busy days than to help the SWG.

» Van Ngoc Thinh, of the WWF Vietnam Program continues to be a keen ally for Saola conservation and a friend to the SWG in Vietnam.

» New York-based artist Zoe Williams once again applied her formidable creativity to the effort to save the Saola. 

Finally, we are indebted to the SWG’s financial and administrative host and partner, Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC).  Thanks in particular are due to GWC’s founder and CEO Wes Sechrest, Financial Manager Samantha Reza and Associate Director of Communications Lindsay Renick Mayer.

Individual donors in 2016 (in addition to several anonymous contributors)

» Mathew Ardaiolo

» Jordan Baur

» Birgit Bach

» Ann Beutel

» Carol Cassidy

» Steven and Karin Chase

» Dina DiCenso

» Sandra Farkas

» Leonard Gantley

» Donald Gilchrist

» Stephen and Florence Goldby

» Troy Hansel

» Liz Hendry

» Brent Huffman

» Andrew Holman

» Kenji Ishiwada

» K. Karnos

» Margaret McCarthy and Bob Worth

» Bill Odle

» Howard Olson

» Andrew Reeve

» Maryeli Rodriguez

» Harald Roesch

» Elias Sadallo Filho

» Linda Tabor-Beck

» Lee and Marty Talbot

» Pat Thomas

» Michele Thompson

» Christina Seely

» Gary Walker

» Phoebe Weseley

» Clayton Williams

» Zoe Williams

» Clayton Williams