Terry Hornsey has worked in zoos for 39 years. Starting as a trainee keeper at ZSL London Zoo in 1978, he specialized in hoofstock and in 1981, was seconded by ZSL as part of an initial team of five animal keeping staff, to assist in the setting up of The National Zoo of Qatar in Doha. As the hoofstock specialist, he was involved with the unloading of the largest consignment of zoo animals to ever leave the UK. In 1986, Terry left ZSL for the position of head of section at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, again working with hoofstock (including rhino), as well as carnivores, primates, rodents, marsupials, bats and a variety of different bird species, before acquiring in 1991, the position of curator of elephants, carnivores and hoofstock at Perth Zoo, Western Australia. He returned to the UK for family reasons in 1993 and joined the Suffolk Wildlife Park, which at the time, had only recently been purchased by Banham zoo. In 2006 the park was rebranded and renamed Africa Alive! Terry’s position at the park is animal manager.

He is also chair of the European Cattle & Camelid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG), convenor for the Anoa Global Species Management Program (GSMP), coordinator of the IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group (AWCSG) ‘Captive Breeding Working Group’, member of the Saola Working Group (SWG) of the IUCN SSC AWCSG, captive breeding task team leader for the SWG of the IUCN SSC AWCSG and is on the TAG Species Committees for Fossa, Black & White Ruffed lemur, Black Lemur and Mongoose Lemur. He is also a Screener for the European Association for Zoo’s & Aquaria (EAZA) Accreditation Programme and for many years, up until 2013, was both a Year 1 & Year 2 national assessor and coordinator for the British & Irish Association for Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA) Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals.