Chasing Saola Stories Part II

In the Chasing Saola Stories series, SWG member Nicholas Wilkinson…

Looking for Hope for Vietnam’s Ungulates…in Idaho

By Kristin Arakawa When Minh Nguyen, a student at Science…

Unexpected Gift to Newlyweds Helps Save the Saola

The phrase “for better or for worse” has taken on a new meaning…

SWG Survey of Khoun Xe Nong Ma Reveals Surprisingly Intact Saola Habitat

It was bedtime in late September when SWG member Chanthasone…

Chasing Saola Stories

In the Chasing Saola Stories series, SWG member Nicholas Wilkinson…

A Q&A with illustrator and SWG holiday card designer Eric Losh

For the last five years, Brooklyn-based artist Eric Losh has…

Saving the saola from extinction

This note is re-printed here and first appeared in Science, volume…

Annamite striped rabbit

The Annamite striped rabbit (Nesolagus timminsi) is one of the most interesting animals to have recently been discovered by science in this region. Goldish-tan, with dark tiger-like stripes streaked across its body, this is, in my opinion, the most stunning lagomorph in the world.

A day filled with doucs

When I looked through the binoculars I met a pair of almost-human eyes glaring back at me. It was an odd sensation. The eyes were haunting: dark, penetrating, they burned with an intensity that sent a shiver through my body.

IUCN honours two Saola Working Group members

At the quadrennial meeting of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC), held in Abu Dhabi in September 2015, IUCN recognized two members of the SWG with conservation awards.